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Affy’s People

Ad Efficiency is where you can be who you are and experience meaningful growth
Here’s what they say about Ad Efficiency

  • 사람이미지
    세계 광고제를 직접 경험하면서 글로벌하게 성장할 수 있어요!

    Global Workshop

    I went to the Ad-week conference
    in New York, one of the world's
    top marketing awards.
    I had a chance to experience
    a passion for marketing,
    which made me motivated
    to move a step further from where I was.
  • 사람이미지
    팀 배치 전부터 체계적 교육을 통해 
                  실제 필드에서도 버벅거릴 일이 없었어요!

    Super Junior

    The advantage of Super Junior's workshop
    was that we were able to receive
    seniors’ advice and marketing tips
    before being assigned to a team.!
    I was able to overcome my anxiety
    about making some mistakes and have
    my abilities developed
  • 사람이미지
    교육만큼은 회사에서 적극 지원해줘서 
                  업무부터 개인 역량까지 욕심껏 배우고 있어요!

    Educational Support

    If you are striving for learning, you will be satisfied with the company’s support such as
    English tutoring, lectures, book rentals,
    and work training sessions.
    I totally enjoyed the educational program!
    I got to expand my work
    capabilities by taking advanced marketing
    analysis classes funded by ADEF!
  • 아이콘

    In-house library

  • 아이콘

    Educational seminar

  • 아이콘

    Team development

  • 아이콘

    English tutoring

  • 아이콘


  • 아이콘

    Training program
    for newcomers

  • 아이콘

    Various in-house training

  • 아이콘

    Influencer support

  • 아이콘

    Graduate school

  • 아이콘


선 We take pride in supporting enthusiastic members
striving for continuous improvement

Affy’s Culture

Respecting others and working together From open work environment to diversity

* For more information on benefits as of 2023, Please refer to the following information

Hoping you enjoy your work more, we added some joy between your work hours

  • Enough time space
    on the way to and
    from work

    Unplugged Day:

    Once a month, head to work at 11
    or Off from work at 16 o'clock
  • Enjoy fine
    in Gangnam
    with your team
    Brunch Day: 2 hours of lunchtime,
    twice a month
  • Need to focus?
    Home Working!
    Out of Office :
    WFH twice a month
  • Building teamwork
    comes first!
    Team gathering after 3 o’clock,
    once in every quarter
  • Start your Rituals:
    ‘Meet Me;
    Providing an external program
    for self-development
  • Counseling service
    for mental health
    Professional counseling
    service offered by “Hosidam”
  • Studying during
    KRW 20,000 of
    lunch while studying
  • Educational sessions
    External lectures and
    work-relevant books are available
  • English tutoring
    for globalization
    2 classes every Thursday

We reward your achievements to keep you motivated!

  • Let’s celebrate
    what you’ve done
    Semi-annual Profit Share
  • Feel no burden
    with clients
    of KRW 3~50,000
  • A healthy mindset
    comes from
    good health
    Physical training
    of KRW 50,000
  • Working from
    home just like at
    the office
    WFH accessories
    of KRW 100,000
  • Your special day is
    our special day too
    Birthday voucher and cake
  • Fun days with
    fun people
    Out of work activity allowance
    of KRW 50,000
  • We care for you
    Wedding/Bereavement leave
    & monetary support
  • Your health is a top
    Medical checkup funded
  • Expand your
    Graduate school funded

We support travel expenses and provide vacation rewards to our employees

  • 1 YEAR
    An extra day off
    ( for the first year )
  • 2 YEARS
    2 days off
    ( for two years )
  • 3 YEARS
    5 days ‘Refresh’ leave
    KRW 300,000 for vacation leave
    KRW 2,500,000 for International
    travel expenses
  • 4 YEARS
    5 days ‘Refresh’ leave
    KRW 400,000 for vacation
  • 5/8 YEARS
    5 days ‘Refresh’ leave
    10 days sabbatical leave
    KRW 500,000 for vacation leave
    KRW 3,000,000 for international
    travel expenses
  • 10 YEARS
    5 days ‘Refresh’ leave
    KRW 500,000 for vacation leave
    KRW 5,000,000 for International
    travel expenses
  • Granting 10 days of sabbatical leave after fifth and eighth year of service, allowing three consecutive weeks of paid time off if combined with annual leave
  • Offering KRW 500,000 for vacation expenses every year after five years of service

Affy’s Workplace

It’s not just a workplace. We are committed to fueling your productivity with full of joy, wellness, and happiness

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