Custom-made AD Tech Solution by Ad Efficiency
- Digital Marketing Strategy tailored to each Client’s Needs

Our AD Tech solution program which has been qualified by numerous clients
promptly and accurately verifies and analyzes all hypotheses required for performance marketing.


We call our exclusive Ad- Tech solution, “ Purple Orange”

* Please, check out the video below for more details on “Purple Orange”

  • Monitoring Smart Monitoring

    We monitor company/competitor related keywords,
    ad rankings, landing pages, and social media,
    and reflect them in our strategies.

  • Operation PMA

    We examine hypotheses by conducting numerous testing
    and maximize efficiency by implementing the right strategies
    in different media.

  • Reporting Insight Report

    We provide direction
    through customized reports based on KPIs
    on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

  • UX/UI Opti-Page

    In addition to checking the effectiveness
    of various landing pages,
    we find optimized UX/UI by creating separate pages for A/B testing.

  • Analytics MDA

    Through a self-developed ‘Probability Loop Model’,
    we derive new strategic measures
    through contribution analysis by campaign and media.