The Best Partnership that Google Certifies;
Search / Display / Youtube / APP / Shopping

Google Premier Partner

More than 30% in Annual Average Sales
Growth of Google

2021 Premier Partner Awards Winner

  • 2015
    Winner of the Google account optimization promotion
  • 2014
    3 times winning streaks for the Google Partners game on
  • 2019
    Selected as Google App Friends
  • 2019
    Winner of the Google Search Optimization Score Agency
  • 2021
    Winner of the Search Excellent Frontier challenge
    Winner of the Premier Partner Awards “app growth” category
  • 2023
    Google Premier Partner

The best way to the success of Google campaigns is to be with excellent specialists.
We provide solutions idealized based on diverse businesses as an All-in-one service including operation strategy plans,
diagnosis of problems, and analysis of ad performance.

All-in-One Service by Google Specialist Team

Google certification acquired by all employees

Ad Efficiency remains the premium partnership as Google’s official partner agency.
Ad Efficiency is more than possible to support successful Google campaigns by internal Google campaign experts
and for rapid updates on new ad products through various meetings and regular consulting with Google.

  • Search

    Planning for keyword strategies
    based on user’s search intention
    Improving ROAS through diverse smart bidding strategy

  • Display

    Optimizing targeting through segment fragmentation
    Securing a maximum conversion volume
    through strengthening assets optimized for the media

  • YouTube

    Suggesting ad products suitable for branding
    and performance marketing, Organic connection
    to the conversion performance while experiencing its brand

  • Shopping

    Exposure of user-customized products through
    dynamic display ads Maximizing the growth of sales
    through expanding user selling points

  • App

    Suggesting a campaign structure for a solid development
    from app install to conversion. Improving traffic
    and conversion cost through full use of firebase/MMP

Development of the AD-TECH Solution
by Utilizing Google’s Various Data Solution

Ad Efficiency establishes the structured digital marketing strategy based on user behavior through Google data solutions.
Ad Efficiency associates a channel touchpoint with a self-developed AD-TECH solution and suggests an innovative solution with a target segment strategy.

  • Q.There is a bunch of performance stats on Google Ads, is there a way to utilize them?

    A.Ad Efficiency upgrades the Google campaign performance by providing a customized report focused on KPI through Google Ads API.

  • Q.I’d like to examine the campaign performance by using app data.

    A.Ad Efficiency supports an app data analysis service through firebase, and checks on the performance development point.

  • Q. Is there a way to optimize the campaign by analyzing user experience or based on data?

    A.Ad Efficiency discovers optimized UX/UI including validation tests on landing pages through Google Analytics.

  • Q.We’d like to revise GA, and Google Ads script on the website but we have insufficient technical resources.

    A.The internal IT team is available for the script injection through Google tag manager, and for settled management.

  • Q.We‘d like to check overall performance all together.

    A.Ad Efficiency provides the client with a real-time automated report including necessary measurements with Google data studio.


Operating a successful campaign is possible
with the help of Ad Efficiency’s outstanding strategiesand creatives.

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